About the Victorian Order of Nurses

The Victorian Order of Nurses is committed to providing compassionate health and wellness services in Middlesex Elgin. We believe that helping others receive respectful care leaves a positive impact in the community that we serve.

We work with individuals and groups to help build a healthier community. It has always been our dream to help our clients, from seniors to the differently abled, enjoy independence at home and motivate them to participate in health activities by offering personal support, quality healthcare, and community services. The Victorian Order of Nurses partner with health care providers who can provide immediate and basic health remedies and refer clients to appropriate healthcare institutions should there be a need for specialized care.

Our team consists of nurses, therapists, and caregivers, and administrative staff. Our experienced health workers are trained to provide the exceptional and timely care for our clients. Our other employees are responsible for our various services and maintaining a good relationship with our community partners.